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  1.  TOILETS – Only deposit your personal waste and toilet paper in the system. Inform all who visit your apartment of the regulations. Use plenty of water to keep the pipes clean. Use chemicals that keep your part of the pipes clean. In the kitchen, use a filter to avoid food waste going into the sewage system. Kitchen paper, coffee dregs, teabags, sanitary towels and other such things MUST NOT be deposited in the toilet. These and many other such items will cause blockages to the system. Check that builders do not put cement waste or sand into the system.
  2. BUILDING WORK – ALL changes in the house/apartment façades, balconies or terraces MUST be approved by the President and the Committee. Colours: Houses and exterior bars (rejas) should be painted WHITE. Awnings and parasols should be WHITE with YELLOW stripes.  See ”Rules of construction”.
  3. SKATEBOARDS – Skateboards and other similar equipment is not allowed in the La Cornisa urbanization.
  4. SECURITY FOR ALL HAPPENINGS OR SUSPICIOUS EVENTS: CALL – Fort Security tel 952 911 266 or 695 223 964
  5. Satellite dishes should be placed in the patio or down on the roof-terrace. NOT TO BE PLACED VISIBLE ON THE ROOF OR FAÇADE
  6. PARKING – Because of the parking places are limited our rules say that if you are not in La Cornisa parking is only allowed for a duration of 2 weeks. (specifically for Block 1 and Block 2) Please respect this so that all people (during especially the summer) have the possibility to park near their apartment.