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Management and administration

Board members and other representatives during 2016:

  • President Mr. Hans Lundström (Block 2, apart. 42)
  • Vice President Mr. David Malt (Block 1, apart. 9)
  • Spokesperson 1 Miss. Mª José Diaz Zurdo (Block 2, apart. 5)
  • Spokesperson 2 Mr Adam Godwin (House A26)
  • Auditor Mr. Hans Loeken (Block 2, apart. 24)
  • Administrator & Secretary Mr. Fernando Rodríguez Palomo (Sun Coast Administraciones, S.L.)


Committee for organizing the Spanish Evening on 2016:

  • Mrs. Sue Marshall (House B37)
  • Mrs. Sue Weatherill (House B41)


A committee to organize a Golf tournament “La Cornisa Open” on 2016:

  • Mr. Robert Marshall (House B37)
  • Mr. Ian Weatherhill (House B41)


Normally we have about 10 meetings with the Administrator during one year. Each year we have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the beginning of March. The following points constitute the AGENDA for the meeting:

  • 1. Presidents Report
  • 2. Financial Report
  • 3. Auditors Report
  • 4. Debtors. Approval of legal actions
  • 5. Election of officers
  • 6. Approval of Budget
  • 7. Any other business
  • 8. Next meeting


To our help we have an Administration Company, Sun Coast Administraciones. They can also offer a service for repairs or maintenance work that the owners may need within their homes.