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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, November

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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, November

Dear Owners:

I hope this finds you all well and you are looking forward to the festive season which will soon be upon us.


It is great to be able to inform you that this increase of security has been successful and there have been no reported robberies in La Cornisa since the new system was put into place. We need to remind owners and their guests to keep the gates closed and locked at all times.

REPLACEMENT Keys are available to owners at a cost of €50.00 each should you need one. You will need your passport and proof of ownership of the property to obtain a key.

Please remember we all have access to the Calahonda Security (Fort Security) if you or your guests have any concerns you can call them directly on 695 223 964 (This is a new tel no). We have asked them to patrol the community as part of their night time patrols.

Upkeep of the community: I am sure you would all agree that we all benefit from the community being well looked after. We always encourage owners to take pride in their properties. Remember we have spare paint available for anyone needing it (Please see Jose the Gardener or contact Fernando’s office (SunCoast Calypso). If you have any concerns or see something needs fixing then please let us know so we can action it.


The gardeners continue to work hard and maintain our large gardens to a high standard. We continue to monitor this closely and will adapt the plan as needed. Remember the team of 3 gardens are responsible for 17,000 square metres of gardens, maintaining 4 swimming pools and some elements of our general maintenance. At the end of this year we will continue with the cleaning and pruning of the remaining pine trees and early next year the installation of the remaining irrigation system so the whole gardens can then be watered automatically.

Air Conditioning Units:

Owners are required under article 24 of the community rules and regulations to obtain permission to install air conditioning units. We will be proposing at the AGM in March to make it compulsory to have the external units covered with a standardised pre approved aluminium cover which I am sure you will all agree will enhance the appeal of our community.


On the whole all 4 pools are being well managed and are in great condition. We have an on-going issue with algae in the C/Jaen pool and this may result in us re-grouting this pool early next year but we will continue to monitor this. We will be trying a chemical solution at the end of this year once the pools are not in use.

Winter Plan:

We have a general maintenance plan in place for the winter but as always we are keen to hear from owners if they feel there are certain areas or items that need attention. Currently we are making general repairs to several areas including the small terrace adjacent to the post boxes in block 2 and the road and parking areas in front of houses E & C. We have just completed adding handrails to the ramps between C/Jaen & C/Cordoba and making the surface non slip. There are several cracks that have appeared to the staircases of Block 2 due to movement from a very dry year and this will be repaired shortly.


Generally the debtors list has been very well managed this year and apart from some of the historical long term debts that are being processed via the courts the debtors list is minimal. There are some owners that have yet to pay but we are in contact with them… Please bear in mind when considering your obligation to pay your community fees that if the money does not come into the community account then we are unable to fulfil our obligations, pay the bills and maintain the community. There are payment options and we are always are happy to discuss individual payment plans.

Petanca Court

The new petanca court is in place and following the grand opening which was well attended there is now a weekly match every Sunday at 11am until the end of November and restart in February 2020. It is great to see so many owners enjoying this new facility and also this area of our community being utilised. Please come along and join in, we have spare sets of balls for those who wish to try.

A date for your diary: 4th March 2020 at 10.00am

Historically the AGM is attended by a small number of owners each year and we are keen to get as many owners to take part as possible. We appreciate that not everyone can attend but it is in your interests to take part and have an active voice, we need your support to be able to make changes and continue to improve our community.

Please if you can, put the date in your diary, book the flights and be an active member of OUR community. If you can’t attend then use your proxy vote, appoint another owner to be your voice and make your wishes clear to them so you can be represented.

You will be sent a copy of the agenda and the proxy vote form will be attached.

An independent translator will be in attendance for our Spanish speaking owners.

If you would like any item added to the agenda then please let us know as we will be starting to make preparation for this shortly.

Community Website:

As I am sure most of you are aware we have a community website which was set up to provide a useful tool for owners. It contains lost of useful information, contact details and of course copies of the minutes to the AGM’s and the monthly Newsletters etc…. This now needs to be updated and there is a cost involved so we would like to know how many of the owners or their guests use the website or would you prefer a closed Facebook group for owners with all the same information available….

Please email [email protected] with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions…

Please contact our administrators should you require any additional information or clarifications of any of the points raised:

Telephone: (00 34) 952 93 48 85
Emails: [email protected]
Remember that the committee is always keen to hear from owners and we welcome your involvement in the community so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards
President La Cornisa

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