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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, June

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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, June

Dear Owners:

I hope this finds you all well and you are all prepared for a hot summer ahead.


The installation of key locks to the gates for access to block 1 and 2, the gates between C/Jaen and C/Cordoba and all swimming pools will commence on the 02nd July 2019 and will be completed by the 7th July 2019. Keys are available for owners to collect from the SunCoast office in Calypso, each owner will be given 1 key and additional keys can be purchased at a cost of €7.00 each. The keys cannot be copied and can only be obtained from the SunCoast office. If you need a representative to collect the key for you then you will need to sign the attached authorisation letter, giving authorisation to your representative and you need to attach a copy of your passport / DNI and your representative will need to bring their passport/DNI when collecting the keys.

New fencing will be installed in the areas that are left vulnerable around house H & I in C/Cordoba and at the end of block 1 over the course of the next few weeks. We hope that these additional security measures will make our community more secure.
The risk of unwanted visitors increases at this time of year. Remember to keep your doors and windows locked and even when you just pop to the pool.
Please remember we all have access to the Calahonda Security (franjus) if you or your guests have any concerns you can call them directly on 699 907 865. We have asked them to patrol the community as part of their night time patrols.


Upkeep the Community:

I am sure you would all agree that we all benefit from the community being well looked after. We always encourage owners to take pride in their properties. Remember we have spare paint available for anyone needing it (Please see Jose the Gardener or contact Fernando’s office (SunCoast Calypso)).



The gardeners continue to work hard and maintain our large gardens to a high standard. At this time of year things grow rapidly and at times I am sure we all get frustrated as our grass needs cutting or our hedges are too high but please be assured the gardeners are doing their best and working to an agreed plan. We continue to monitor this closely and will adapt the plan as needed. Remember the team of 3 gardens are responsible for 17.000 square metres of gardens, maintaining 4 swimming pools and some elements of our general maintenance.


Sewage System:

A review of our sewage system took place during the spring. Please ensure that you ONLY place APPROPRIATE items into the sewage system… the community will recover any costs incurred due to an owner or guest using the sewage system inappropriately.


Air conditioning units:

Owners are required under article 24 of the community rules and regulations to obtain permission to install air conditioning units. For those owners who have installed units on the external facades of the buildings we require that you obtain an appropriate cover in white to hide the external units. If your external unit is within the confines of your own property then this is not required but we would encourage you to do so. We will be writing to the individual owners shortly to advise those that will be required to have an appropriate cover installed.



On the whole all 4 pools are being well managed and are in great condition. We have an ongoing issue with algae in the C/Jaen pool and this may result in us re-grouting this pool early next year but we will continue to monitor this.



It is ILLEGAL to have BBQ’s in the garden areas of the community as per the Junta de Andalucía directive during the months of May through to October. This is due to the high fire risk in our area during the hotter months. Individual owners would be held accountable and this is treated as a criminal offence. Please keep your BBQ’s on your terrace areas and use responsibly.


Community Rules & Regulations:

We are keen that you and your guests enjoy the wonderful facilities of our community but we ask that you do this respectfully. Attached are the community rules & regulations please make sure that your guests are aware so we can all as a community enjoy the summer season. Also available on our website.


Utility suppliers in Spain:

SunCoast office advise us that some owners are struggling with Utility companies provding invoices which makes it almost impossible to try and deal with any issues that may arise. All utility companies have an on line service that you can sign up to so you can manage your account on the internet and receive your invoices by email. Here are a few links that may be useful:


Fernando and his team can help or advise if you need further assistance.

Please contact our administrators should you require any additional information or clarifications of any of the points raised:

TELEPHONE: (00 34) 952 93 48 85
Emails: [email protected]

Remember that the committee is always keen to hear from owners and we welcome your involvement in the community so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy the summer.
Kind regards

President La Cornisa

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