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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, April

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La Cornisa Newsletter 2019, April

By now you would have received the Minutes from the AGM and will be aware of the plan for the months ahead.

Important SECURITY update:

As agreed at the AGM we will be installing key locks to the gates for access to block 1 and 2, the gates between C/Jaen and C/Cordoba and all swimming pools as of the 28th June 2019. Keys will be available as of the 3rd June 2019 for owners to collect from the SunCoast office in Calypso, each owner will be given 1 key and additional keys can be purchased at a cost of €7.00 each. The keys cannot be copied and can only be obtained from the SunCoast office. If you need a representative to collect the key for you then you will need to sign the attached authorisation letter, giving authorisation to your representative and you need to attach a copy of your passport / DNI and your representative will need to bring their passport/DNI when collecting the keys.

The installation of the key locks will take 5 days and the works will be carried out between the 24th and 28th June 2019. As of the 28th June you will need keys to access the locked areas.

We are currently working with the owners of houses H & I as well as block 1 to finalise the installation of fencing in the areas that are left vulnerable. We hope that these additional security measures will make our community more secure.

Please remember we all have access to the Calahonda Security (franjus) if you or your guests have any concerns you can call them directly on 699 907 865. We have asked them to patrol the community as part of their night time patrols.

Upkeep of the community:

I am sure you would all agree that we all benefit from the community being well looked after. We always encourage owners to take pride in their properties. Remember we have spare paint available for anyone needing it (Please see Jose the Gardener or contact Fernando’s office (Sun Coast Calypso).

Apartment rentals (additional information):

Decreto 28/2016, de 2 de febrero, de las viviendas con fines turísticos y de modificación del Decreto 194/2010, de 20 de abril, de establecimientos de apartamentos turísticos.

The rules in brief: Holiday rental accommodations are considered to be properties located in a residential zone that are regularly offered for touristic purposes by financial transaction. In other words, if you let other people use your property in return for financial gain.

Excluded from this decree:
a) Homes that have guests where no financial transaction has taken place.
b) Dwellings contracted for more than two months continuously by the same tenant (long-term holiday rentals).

On the 6th March 2019 the law was amended and the following is required:

The law has been adapted to include the need to request written permission to rent your property from the community as a holiday home and this need’s to be submitted with your application for your licence number.

In line with this amendment the community has implemented the following rules and regulations:

· The president will give written permission (as legally required) to apply for the required licence and this permission will be valid for a 1 year period and subject to compliance of the community rules and regulations, failure to abide by the rules and regulation will result in the permission being revoked with 3 months notice being given.

· Copies of the licence must be submitted to the Administrator to be held on file

· Any owner renting their property without the required permissions and licence in place will be reported to the relevant authorities within the Junta de Andulucia


All properties that are not registered or have not filed a declaration of responsibility and are being rented out for tourism purposes, could be fined up to 180,000 euros. Also, any property that does not meet the requirements of this Decree may also be fined. The owner has to register with the Hacienda (Tax Office).

We are aware that at least 15 properties within the community are currently rented to tourists and expect owners to legalise their situation as soon as possible. If you have a licence under the old rules you are still required to obtain permission from the president as per the updated law 06/03/2019.

If you are renting your property and need assistance with complying with the new legislation please contact Fernando and his team who will advise.


The gardeners continue to work hard and maintain our large gardens to a high standard. The pine trees are being pruned and to date we have managed to prune approximately 25 of the 50 plus large trees within the community. Please remember that the gardeners work to an agreed plan and CANNOT respond to individual owners requests. A continued expansion of our irrigation system has been made around the houses J in accordance with the decision made at the AGM.

Sewage system:

A review of our sewage system has taken place during the spring. The sewage system has been cleared from roots and debris in order to prevent future problems. Please follow the rules as to what can be disposed of into the sewage system.

Satellite dishes:

A dismantling of antennas and dishes has been made on blocks 1 and 2.

Air Conditioning Units:

Owners are required under article 24 of the community rules and regulations to obtain permission to install air conditioning units. For those owners who have installed units on the external facades of the buildings we require that you obtain an appropriate cover in white to hide the external units. If your external unit is within the confines of your own property then this is not required but we would encourage you to do so. We will be writing to the owners who have units on the external facades shortly.


The pools are currently being prepared for the summer season. On the whole all 4 pools are being well managed and are in great condition. We have an on-going issue with algae in the C/Jaen pool and this may result in us re-grouting this pool early next year but we will continue to monitor this.

Please contact our administrators should you require any additional information or clarifications of any of the points raised:

Telephone: (00 34) 952 93 48 85

Emails: [email protected]

Remember that the committee is always keen to hear from owners and we welcome your involvement in the community so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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