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La Cornisa Update for Owners January 2018

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La Cornisa Update for Owners January 2018

Dear Owners,

Happy New year to you all. As you know as a committee we are always looking at ways to improve our community and we appreciate the involvement of all of our owners. We have launched a new initiative so we can keep you all better informed. We hope you will find the regular emails beneficial and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and welcome your involvement.

Update on Painting:

The current renovation of the community is going well and the company carrying out the works are on track and should be finished as planned in February 2018. I think we all agree they are doing an excellent job and all of the buildings that have been completed look very nice.

For those of us that have had our painting completed we are starting to compile the information for the painting company for any areas that require them to return to touch up. We have until Mid October 2018 to provide them with this information after which it will be the responsibility of the owner to make good any areas that they are unhappy with.

We would appreciate all owners taking the time to check their stairwells, terraces and communal areas and send us photos with appropriate information so we can ensure that the painting company returns to make good as per the contract. All houses are not yet painted so we will later send you a reminder in the coming months.

The community has arranged to have a supply of the paint used during the renovation programme and this is available free to owners by contacting the administrators office. Please if you are touching up paintwork or painting following works use the appropriate paint to ensure we keep the buildings looking as good as possible for as long as possible. The administrator can also provide you with the codes should you wish to purchase larger quantities of the paint from Pinturas de Andalucia.

Please complete the attached form and email to: [email protected]

Update on the gardens:

La Cornisa consists of 17,000 square metres of land (4.2 acres) and is one of the largest privately owned green areas in Calahonda. Our gardens are maintained by a team of 3 permanent gardeners who have been with us for a considerable amount of years and are part of the La Cornisa Family. They work very hard to manage the gardens and maintain them to the level that we all enjoy. This is no easy task and our gardens are affected by so many factors, for example 2017 has been an exceptionally hot year and the growing season has maintained the gardens to the normal standard.

Jose, Ivan & Antonio have kindly provided us with a plan that outlines the schedule for cutting the hedges and trees (a copy is attached for your information). The committee have agreed to adopt the plan and have instructed the gardeners that they must stick to the plan. The committee and administrator will not be able to respond to individual requests from owners in relation to garden management. We appreciate that in an ideal world we would all like to see the hedges and lawn perfectly manicured but this is not realistic.

The committee are currently working on various options to reduce water use in the gardens and lessen the time spent watering the grounds by hand. We are also exploring various options to add more plants and colour into the gardens but this needs careful planning and research to ensure the best long term results without adding to the workload of our team.

Kind Regards
Hans Lundström
President la Cornisa

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