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Pool News February 2015

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Pool News February 2015

The Board has, since the meeting in November, now received a total of 8 quotes. The meeting wished the Board to seek additional quotes in order to get as wide a basis as possible.

After meetings with the 8 companies the Board selected three companies for further discussions. New meetings then took place to discuss possible cost savings and financing.

Revised quotations were then received from these three companies and the Board has examined them.

After the second round of contacts with the companies the Board has succeeded in further reducing the offers by 32.000 to 39.000 Euros.

But there have been difficulties collecting additional quotes from the companies (muchas “mañana”……). One company has not yet submitted additional information despite repeated reminders That is the reason it has not been possible to send out any information until now. Despite that the Board has made a choice.

The company the Board finally proposes to perform the work is Urbaneja. The same company which has renovated our two small pools. We had our last discussion with that company on 20th of February and received their further revised quotation on the 23th of February.

The reason we are proposing Urbaneja is because they presented a proposal in which the costs were specified in detail and also included more new materials. As an example, the price includes a completely new type of energy efficient pump that is data driven, which will reduce our energy costs. Urbaneja gave us also the best price and financing arrangement.


In the meeting in November, the price, 1800 Euros/unit, was based, as we said, on the most expensive quote and without starting any negotiations.

Now after negotiations we have reduced the cost for renovation to 181.500 Euros, 1.250 Euros/unit. The Board’s proposal is that

500 Euros payable 1st of April 2015

350 Euros payable 1st of October 2015

400 Euros 1st of April 2016.

It is of course possible to pay the entire amount from the beginning and the Board can also discuss an individual payment plan.

Hopefully we can have the pools renovated and finished in the summer. But we cannot promise anything because many unexpected things can appear in Spain which are beyond our own control.

Best regards

Hans Lundström

President La Cornisa

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