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Pool news October 2014

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Pool News October 2014

In the spring, the Board hired an architect/consultant to draw up a project plan for our big pools. In mid-September, this project plan was presented to the Board. Subsequently, the Board has sought quotes from four different companies and is currently evaluating the incoming offers. The renovation of both pools will cost about 250.000 euros. The Board has also discussed the financing of the pools.

Due to the current economic situation, we believe it is not feasible to charge the community for the renovation of both pools at the same time. The Board therefore proposes that in 2015 to only renovate one pool. We will therefore propose renovation of the pool at Block 2 to begin with. The cost to renovate this pool is estimated to be at around 1000 euros/unit. The reason that the committee chose this pool first is because the pool serves a greater number of people than the pool at the block B. So renovation of block B pool is therefore proposed for commencing in 2016 when block 2 pool has been satisfactorily completed and in full use.

The proposal will be presented at our special meeting in late November when more precise information will be given regarding the costs.

Such additional costs we know, coming one after the other, are very onerous on all of the owners but we do not have any choice in these matters as they come under Spanish law and therefore have to be acceded to in order that the urbanization is correctly run.

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Hans Lundström