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Pool news November 2013

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Pool news November 2013

After commencing work on the two smaller pools of the urbanisation in 2012 we continue to be unable to obtain the necessary licence from the Spanish authorities to open them for use.

Since the main work was finished in spring 2013 we have been told by the Town Hall that they are ready to issue their licence for the opening to take place BUT the project NOW has to be handed to the Junta de Andalucia Sanitation Department for their approval also.

Apart from a few minor modifications of technical nature they require the construction of toilets for each pool as they are in different enclosures, include a disabled access ladder, another ladder placement, shower etc.The Sanitation Department is a new area of approval which was not there before the start of the pool work and therefore it was not taken into consideration when the project commenced. We now have a further set of regulations to take into consideration before the pools can be opened and this is the cause of this protracted delay.

Tuesday the 12th of November we met the head of Planning of the Mijas Town Hall and a technician who reviewed the documentation and they recommended us to make and present a project which complies with the Sanitation Department in order to try to find a solution to this blockage, and now we feel that it is necessary to arrange a further meeting, this time with the Sanitation Department to see if we can find any way through the jungle of bureaucracy.

We have been in contact with the Sanitation Department but they don’t want to see us and discuss the remaining problems. They just want to communicate by letters.

Thursday the 14th of November the Mayor of Mijas, Angel Nozal, visited the EUC Calahonda, and met Presidents and Administrators. The main question was about adopting our pools to the Spanish law. He just said that we have had 14 years to do this job and he did not see any problems at all. He threatened us with closure of the pools before summer if they have no licence. And one of the most important things we must do is to install toilets he pointed out.

So what we now are doing is to answer the new questions from the Sanitation Department and see if we can avoid installing toilets for the small pools. Puff and blow ……

All the above means that we must make a new purchase for the two big pools because new conditions are valid. And this also means that we must ask you for more money. Things have been changed without our influence. This will be discussed at AGM in March 2014. We must act quickly otherwise our pools can be closed.

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